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The Cocovivo family is equal parts local and expat. Ulrich bought the property and started the project in 2001, as one of the first foreigners in the area. At the time, the land had been stripped of vegetation for grazing, and Ulrich began planting trees with the mission of returning it to its lush natural state. In the process, he fell in love with the natural beauty of the area and wanted to share it with others, creating comfort without losing closeness to nature.

Today, Cocovivo is home not just to its human caretakers, but also families of sloths, kinkajous, howler monkeys and dozens of other species.

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Contributing To Local Communities

CocoVivo maintains strong relationships with the local community of Tierra Oscurra, by providing employment opportunities, purchasing local produce and offering housing space to local Ngobe Bugle workers and trades people. We aim to support and strengthen the regional development and standard of living.

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